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Vol. 10, Issue 12 (2021)

Soil fertility evaluation of inceptisol order from Ausa Tahsil of Latur District

Kadam DM, Waghmare MS, Goswami HG, Mutkule US and Chavan NS
The present investigation was undertaken for assessing the fertility status in Inceptisols of Ausa tahsil in Latur District, for this purpose total 100 soils samples were systematically collected from 20 villages by using global positioning system where 50 samples identified as Inceptisols which were analyzed for their Physico-chemical properties (soil pH, Electrical conductivity, organic carbon and calcium carbonate) and available nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium). The soils of Ausa tahsil were found neutral to moderately alkaline in reaction; soluble salt content comes under safe Limit i.e. no any deleterious effect found for all crops, where the organic carbon level exhibited low to moderately high content and non-calcareous to calcareous in nature. The Inceptisols of the area showed low to moderate content in Available N and P, whereas most of the samples were found under very high content for Available K. The Physico chemical properties (pH, EC, OC and CaCO3) of soils from order Inceptisols showed strongly positive and significant relation with available nutrients (N, P and K) however CaCO3 showed non-significant relation with available K.
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Kadam DM, Waghmare MS, Goswami HG, Mutkule US, Chavan NS. Soil fertility evaluation of inceptisol order from Ausa Tahsil of Latur District. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(12):30-35.
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