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Vol. 10, Issue 10 (2021)

Genetic studies among sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) genotypes

Sentisuba and Pankaj Shah
In the present investigation, 20 genotypes of sesame were evaluated under foothill conditions of Nagaland between the months of August to November 2019 incorporating Randomized Block Design with three replications. Eleven traits were studied. Analysis of variance revealed significant differences among the genotypes under study for all characters suggesting the presence of variability among them. Seed yield exhibited the highest genotypic coefficient of variation (GCV) followed by stem height from base to first branch with similar result in phenotypic coefficient of variation with seed yield showing the highest value. For heritability in broad sense and genetic advance as per cent of mean, plant height was found to be the highest followed by number of capsules. For this, a simple approach of selection can be emphasized. At genotypic level, characters like plant height, stem height from base to first branch, seeds per capsule, number of capsules and capsule length exhibited significant positive correlation to seed yield. Path analysis showed that no of capsules had the highest positive direct effect followed by seeds per capsule. Thus, consideration of characters like number of capsules, seeds per capsule and plant height in selection can improved the overall seed yield.
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Sentisuba, Pankaj Shah. Genetic studies among sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) genotypes. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(10):624-628.
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