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Vol. 10, Issue 1 (2021)

Efficacy of herbal powder against mixed Eimeria species infection in poultry

Sakshi Chauhan, VS Singh and V Thakur
An experiment was conducted on one hundred and twenty, one day old broiler chicks to study the anticoccidial efficacy of 0.4 % as well as 0.2 % Calotropis procera (madar) leaf powder and 0.0125 % amprolium supplementation. Experiment was conducted for 30 days. Chicks were randomly divided into five groups (I-V) each with two replicates of 12 chicks. Broilers of group I and II were provided standard control diet without any supplement. In broilers of group III, standard feed was supplemented with 0.0125% amprolium and broilers of group IV were provided with basal diet supplemented with 0.2% madar leaf powder. Broilers of group V were provided standard control diet supplemented with 0.4% madar leaf powder. On 15th day of experiment, broilers of group II, III, IV and V were infected with 50,000 sporulated oocysts of mixed Eimeria species. It was observed that amprolium had excellent efficacy against coccidiosis. Madar leaf powder supplementation also possessed very good efficacy against coccidiosis however it was lower than amprolium. So madar leaf powder may be used for the prevention and control of mixed Eimeria spp. infection prevalent in field conditions.
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Sakshi Chauhan, VS Singh, V Thakur. Efficacy of herbal powder against mixed Eimeria species infection in poultry. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(1):20-23.
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