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Vol. 10, Issue 1 (2021)

Storage related changes in basundi added with jaggery

PS Gavali, DK Kamble, DD Patange, KB Kubade and VB Khomane
Basundi is one of the heat desiccated indigenous dairy product, Now-a-days, the popularity and demand of basundi is increasing due to its delicacy also important nutritional properties of jaggery along with available in local area, attempts were made for replacement of sugar with jaggery in preparation of basundi. The basundi prepared by addition of jaggery (T2) was subjected to storage stability and compare with basundi added with sugar (T1). The product was stored at 5±1 ºC in laminate pouches and observed changes in sensory, physico-chemical and microbial attributes were evaluated periodically at 4 days interval. As the storage period increases there was decreases the sensorial qualities of Basundi such as colour, flavour, body and texture and consistency also physico chemical attributes as the moisture decreased other parameters such as fat, protein, lactose, sucrose, total ash, and acidity were slightly increased. Also the standard plate count and yeast and mould count increased in both sample during storage period.
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PS Gavali, DK Kamble, DD Patange, KB Kubade, VB Khomane. Storage related changes in basundi added with jaggery. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(1):494-499.
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