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Vol. 10, Issue 1 (2021)

Studies on salinity tolerance of restorer lines in rice

M Sri Lakshmi and Y Suneetha
Seedling salinity tolerance of 60 identified restorer lines of rice was studied in the present investigation. The results revealed germination per cent to range from 37.33 (TCNP 21 and TCNP 22) to 98.00 (IR 7693-2B-7), while seedling length ranged from 4.13cm (TCNP 22) to 16.89 cm (IR7693-2B-7). 18 restorers had recorded SES score of ‘7’ and were categorized as “Susceptible”, while 12 restorers with ‘9’ SES score were classified as “Highly Susceptible”. The results also revealed low germination per cent and seedling length in susceptible and highly susceptible restorers. SES final score of ‘1’ was recorded for 12 restorers (IR7 693-2B-7, IRT 11176, MCM 27, MCM 41, MCM 48, MCM 100, MCM 223, MCM 225, MTU 1031, MTU 1061, STBN 12-10 and STBN 12-5) and hence, the restorers were categorized as “Highly Tolerant”. Six restorers (MTU 2274-3-2-2, IR 64, MTU 1153, MTU 1156, MTU 1229 and MTU 4870) with ‘3’ final score were categorized as “Tolerant”, while 12 restorers (BPT 2270, MTU 2231-18-1-3, MTU 1001, MTU 1010, MTU 1032, MTU 1121, MTU 1140, MTU 1210, MTU 1213, MTU 1224, MTU 2716 and PLA 1100) with ‘5’ final score were categorized as “Moderately Tolerant”. These restorers are therefore identified as salinity tolerant restorers with good potential for use in the development of salinity tolerant rice hybrids.
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M Sri Lakshmi, Y Suneetha. Studies on salinity tolerance of restorer lines in rice. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(1):489-493.
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