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Vol. 10, Issue 1 (2021)

Ergonomic health evaluation of bead products making women using discomfort ratings

Ekta Melkani, Dr. Manju Mehta, Dr. Kiran Singh and Dr. Sudesh Gandhi
Bead production of different kinds of woods is done on large scale in Mangali village of Hisar district Haryana. The production process involves major role of men while the stringing and finishing of products involve women participation at household level. Apart from stringing which is already done on string makers, women are involved in adding 3-eyed Guru bead with Tassel to 108 beaded strings which earns them a low cost at high discomfort because of sitting and performing activities on floor for longer hours. Existing work pattern on 10 women respondents was analyzed through body part discomfort score (BPDS) and overall discomfort rating method (ODR). It was found that the mean BPDS was found to be extremely discomfortable (4.1) to moderately discomfortable for 3-eyed bead adding, highly discomfortable (3.9) to moderately discomfortable on workstation table (2.4) in tassel making activity while it was extremely discomfortable (4.1) to lightly discomfortable (2.4) in other bead products making activity. According to ODR, the comparison with 3-eyed Guru bead is heavy discomfort (8.7) on floor to slightly more than moderate discomfort (6.8) on table, that tassel making activity was moderately discomfortable (5.0) on table and more than moderately discomfortable (6.2) on floor. Bead products other than former activities caused extreme discomfort (9.1) to light discomfort to body (3.6) on prototype. The study proposed the efficient output of the workstation table prototype while working with three different kinds of activities to avoid discomforts to various body parts and for saving body parts’ energy of women for other household works even after these works. More efficiency can be brought about with slight modifications of prototype according to the recommendations of respondents.
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Ekta Melkani, Dr. Manju Mehta, Dr. Kiran Singh, Dr. Sudesh Gandhi. Ergonomic health evaluation of bead products making women using discomfort ratings. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(1):369-373.
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