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Vol. 10, Issue 1 (2021)

Impact of environment, Storage time and packaging materials on seeds viability of paddy seeds

Bhanu Vijay Shanker, Mishra K.P., Pandey Anjaney and Ashwani Duggal
Seeds is one of the vital input of agriculture crop cultivation and it vigor and germination was noted highest at the time of crop harvest from the field and it go on deteriorate with respect to duration of it storage. Quantum of deterioration depends upon number of factors like seeds moisture contain, type of package in it store, hygiene of structure it store, ambient condition etc. Seed being store in package for keeping it in safe storage, easy handling, better distribution to users etc. Packages of a few packaging materials were taken for conducting this study. Seeds at different levels of moisture content were packed in packages and kept in ventilated storage structure in ambient condition for the period of one year. Moisture content and viability of seeds analyzed after an interval of every three months. It is observed from this study that the minimum seed certification standards of germination percentage in case of Paddy seed were maintained in all types of packages used for study up to 9 months at 12% Initial Moisture Content (IMC) level and seed certification standard of germination percentage was maintained up to one year of paddy seeds stored in T-4 (0.23 mm thick) type HDPE package at 12% IMC level.
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Bhanu Vijay Shanker, Mishra K.P., Pandey Anjaney, Ashwani Duggal. Impact of environment, Storage time and packaging materials on seeds viability of paddy seeds. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(1):336-347.
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