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Vol. 10, Issue 1 (2021)

Biochemical changes in anemic goats after haematinics administrations

Ghadge RS
An experiment was carried out to study the anaemia in lactating goats from Deccani Sheep and Berari Goat Research station Borgaon Manju Dist. Akola. Total 18 lactating goats aged between 2-4 Years free from parasitic infection and having pale mucous membrane and having lower haemoglobin concentration (below 8 gm%) were selected and divided randomly into three equal groups out of which one group kept as control (T1) without treatment. Second group (T2) was treated with injection imferon (iron dextran 50 mg/ml) twice in a week @ 3-4 mg/gm of Hb deficiency per kg body weight. Intramuscularly for 2-3 weeks. Third group was treated with oral haematinic preparation (Ferrous sulphate 4.5 gm, Copper sulphate 0.3 gm, Manganse sulphate 0.1 gm, Cobalt sulphate 0.1 gm) @ 5 gm powder orally once daily till the rise in Hb concentration. All the goats were subjected for clinical haematological and biochemical studies before treatment and on day 15 and 30 of post treatment. The anaemic goats were showing signs of variable reduced appetite, pale visible mucous membrane, weakness and reluctance to move. The clinical study revealed increase in respiratory and heart rate and mild rise in body temperature and decrease in body weight. The administration of parenteral haematinic preparation resulted into early clinical improvement than oral haematinic preparation. The haematological study revealed significant decrease in Hb, PCV and TEC and apparent decrease in TLC and no alteration in DLC in anaemic goats. The Hb, PCV and TEC values improved after administration of parentral and oral haematinic preparation. The erythrocyte indices study revealed increase in MCV and decrease in MCH without affecting MCHC indicated that anaemia produced was Macrocytic Normochromic type. The biochemical study revealed significant decrease in serum iron and copper and apparent decrease in serum total protein and albumin in anaemic goats. After treatment with parentral and oral haematinic preparation, all the biochemical parameters improved as compared to control group. From the present investigation it is concluded that the lactating goats had nutritional anemia due to deficiency of iron and copper and administration of Injection Imferon and oral haematinic preparations within the experimental period, indicated effectiveness of both the treatment to alleviate anaemia in Goats. However the administration of injection Imferon was observed to be more efficient than oral haematinic preparation.
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Ghadge RS. Biochemical changes in anemic goats after haematinics administrations. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(1):210-211.
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