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Vol. 10, Issue 1 (2021)

Physico-chemical and nutritional composition of proso millet varieties

Sarojani J Karkannavar, Sneha Shigihalli, Geeta Nayak, Pushpa Bharati and Nagappa Govinkoppa
Millets are a group of small-seeded, annual grasses used for domestic purpose. In the present investigation two proso millet varieties (DhPM-2769 released from UAS Dharwad and Local Proso millet variety) were analyzed for the physico-chemical and nutritional composition using standard procedures. Results from study revealed that, significant difference existed between the two varieties for 1000 grain volume, hydration capacity and swelling capacity. Functional characteristics such as water and oil absorption capacity varied from 70.07 to 70.13 and 65.65 to 65.71 per cent respectively in DhPM- 2769 and Local proso millet variety. Moisture and Ash content differed significantly between the local and DhPM-2769 proso millet variety and higher values for moisture (8.34%) and ash (1.66 g) contents were observed in DHPM-2769 proso millet variety. Protein, fat, crude fiber and carbohydrates in local and DhPM- 2769 variety varied from 13.09 to 13.96, 2.92 to 3.35, 2.37 to 2.66 and 73.12 to 77.33 g/100 g respectively. DhPM-2769 variety recorded higher protein (13.96 g) and crude fiber (2.66 g) content than Local Proso millet variety (Protein 13.09 g, Crude fiber 2.3g). Minerals such as iron, manganese, zinc and copper were found in the range of 3.65- 3.78 mg, 5.53-8.82 mg, 12.96- 13.33 mg and 4.45- 5.90 mg in the two varieties studied.
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Sarojani J Karkannavar, Sneha Shigihalli, Geeta Nayak, Pushpa Bharati, Nagappa Govinkoppa. Physico-chemical and nutritional composition of proso millet varieties. Pharma Innovation 2021;10(1):136-140.
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