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Vol. 9, Issue 9 (2020)

Evaluation of efficacy of lemon rind as a preservative in paneer

Yashvantha R, Suneeta Pinto, Dasharath Patel and Preeti Paul
The present study was conducted to assess the shelf life of lemon flavoured paneer (LFP). Control paneer (CP) was prepared from standardized milk (4.5% fat/8.5% MSNF). LFP and control were vacuum packed in laminated pouches and stored at refrigerated temperature (7±1 °C). The sensory attributes, acidity (% LA), free fatty acid (% oleic acid), tyrosine content (mg/100g), colour value, textural properties and standard plate count, yeast and mold count and coliform count of stored samples were monitored at an interval of every 4th day. During storage there was a significant (P<0.05) increase in acidity, free fatty acid and tyrosine content. The hardness, springiness, chewiness, cohesiveness and gumminess values decreased significantly (P<0.05) during storage. After storage of 10 d, there was an increase in lightness, redness and yellowness of LFP. There was a significant (P<0.05) increase in SPC and yeast and mold count during storage. Throughout storage period coliform count was absent. The shelf-life of LFP and control was16 d and 12 d respectively when stored at 7±1 °C in 12 µ polyester + 50 µ LD/LLDPE laminated pouches under vacuum.
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Yashvantha R, Suneeta Pinto, Dasharath Patel, Preeti Paul. Evaluation of efficacy of lemon rind as a preservative in paneer. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(9):41-48.
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