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Vol. 9, Issue 9 (2020)

Effect of pre-treatments on drying characteristics of Potato (Solanum tuberosum) Slices

Vaishali, Samsher, BR Singh, Suresh Chandra, Neelash Chauhan and Vaishali
Potato plays an important role in world food security. It is a versatile and carbohydrate rich food which contains about 80% water and 20% dry matter content. It is low in fat content but rich in several micronutrients, especially vitamin C. The pre-treatments on fruit and vegetables before drying in one form or other viz., washing in water, blanching, KMS, sugar, salt either alone in combination inhibit enzymatic browning, enhancing color, flavour and texture retention. The present studies were carried out to determine the effect of pretreatments viz. brine solution, KMS solution, KMS plus blanching, blanching on drying characteristics of potato slices (Kufri Chipsona-1, Kufri Jyoti and Kufri Bahar). It was observed that sample pretreated with brine solution took higher drying time to achieve the final moisture content as compared to other pretreated samples. The KMS treated slices were achieved higher value of drying rate and brine treated slices were achieved lowest drying rate. It was observed that potato slices did not have any constant rate period and the entire drying took place in falling rate period. It was also observed that drying rate was higher in the initial period of drying and subsequently reduced with decrease in moisture content. The drying rate of potato slices dipped in brine solution was slower than blanched samples due to the presence of salt in solution which inhibits the rate of water transfer from potato slices. The result revealed that moisture content and drying rate depends on potato varieties and pretreatment.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Vaishali, Samsher, BR Singh, Suresh Chandra, Neelash Chauhan, Vaishali. Effect of pre-treatments on drying characteristics of Potato (Solanum tuberosum) Slices. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(9):291-296.

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