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Vol. 9, Issue 9 (2020)

Antenatal care: Routine care of pregnant women: An approach through Unani system of medicine

Rushda Saeedi and Mohammad Asif Khan
The health of future generations is to a great extent determined by the baby’s growth and development within the womb. The success of fetal life determines not only the health of the newborn but also has a major impact on adult health and disease risk. Good antenatal, perinatal health is therefore important to individuals, society, and future generations. Childbirth is the happiest moment for the mother as she is taking care of it for nine months. Care during those nine months prefers the term antenatal care. Most problems at birth are caused by prematurity, fetal growth restriction, congenital abnormalities, or asphyxia. With access to antenatal care, especially in early pregnancy, many of these can be prevented or anticipated. Antenatal care (ANC) has repeatedly been shown to reduce neonatal deaths via the identification of high-risk pregnancies. According to Unani prospective Tadabeer-e-Hamla/Tadabeer-e-Hawamil refer to antenatal care. Based on approaches by Unani Medicine, the most important topics in lifestyle habits during pregnancy are divided into four main groups: Nutrition, physical exercise, sexual activity, and psychological stress. Then special recommendations are suggested which include a regimen to facilitate labor. Eating behaviors and other lifestyle habits have a major role in optimizing the health of women in pregnancy. Regarding traditional medicine viewpoints paying special attention to correcting diet, lifestyle, and preventive attitude with effective and simple therapeutic procedures, it seems that traditional (Unani) medicine can offer efficient management to alleviate some pregnancy complications.
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Rushda Saeedi, Mohammad Asif Khan. Antenatal care: Routine care of pregnant women: An approach through Unani system of medicine. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(9):192-196.

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