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Vol. 9, Issue 8 (2020)

Novel UV spectrophotometric & chemometrics assisted spectrophotometric methods for simultaneous estimation of Brexpiprazole and Sertraline: A statistical analysis

Parth Patel and Rajashree Mashru
Three simple, rapid, inexpensive, precise and accurate UV spectrophotometric methods have been developed for simultaneous estimation of Brexpiprazole and Sertraline. Method A was simultaneous equation method (vireo’s method) which applies measurement of absorptivity at two wavelength 325 nm, (λmax of Brexpiprazole) and 274 nm, (λmax of Sertraline) in zero order spectra. The concentration calculated from the derived equations. Method B was Absorption Ratio Method (Q-ratio) which applies measurement of Absorptivity at two wavelength 275.88 nm (Iso-absorptive point) of both drugs and 325 nm (λmax of Brexpiprazole) in zero order spectra. Method C was based on zero crossing Second derivative (D2) spectrophotometry where Brexpiprazole showed zero crossing point at 268 nm and Sertraline showed zero crossing point at 280 nm. Linearity for Brexpiprazole was between 1-7 mcg/ml and Sertraline was between 20-140 mcg/ml. Accuracy of all the above methods was determined by recovery studies and % recovery was estimated between 99.01 to 101.80%. Intraday and Inter day precision was checked for all methods and mean % RSD was found to be less than 2. These methods were successfully applied for estimation of Brexpiprazole and Sertraline in Laboratory sample. Four chemometrics methods were also applied to simultaneous determination of Brexpiprazole and Sertraline in simulated mixture. Classical least- square(CLS), inverse least-square(ILS), principal component regression(PCR) and partial least-square(PLS) methods do not need any priori graphical treatment of the overlapping spectra of two drugs in a mixture. For all chemometrics calibration a concentration set of the random mixture consisting of the two drugs in methanol was prepared. The absorbance data in the UV spectra were measured for the 41 wavelength points (from 200 to 400 nm) in the spectral region 200-400 nm considering the intervals of Δλ=5 nm. It is claimed that these new chemometrics-assisted spectrophotometric methods are inexpensive, rapid, and simple and can be trustfully carried out in quality control laboratories. Statistical analysis was done to compare all the three developed spectroscopic methods. Brexpiprazole there was a statistically significant difference as P-value for Brexpiprazole was less than α=0.05 and observed F value was higher than Fcritical values. Therefore, Post-hoc analysis using multiple comparisons by Tukey‘s test was performed for Brexpiprazole. This revealed that Method A (Simultaneous equation method [vierdot‘s method]) was significantly different from other methods.
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Parth Patel, Rajashree Mashru. Novel UV spectrophotometric & chemometrics assisted spectrophotometric methods for simultaneous estimation of Brexpiprazole and Sertraline: A statistical analysis. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(8):29-42.
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