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Vol. 9, Issue 7 (2020)

Food and nutraceuticals value of purslane (Portulaca Oleracea L.): An overview

Vigya Mishra, Vishal Chugh, SV Dwivedi and KD Sharma
Purslane is believed to be the earliest vegetable consumed by human and known for its delicacy and medicinal benefits since long back. It is a rich source of nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids (especially alpha-linolenic and gamma-linolenic acids), terpenoids and sterols and has also been reported as the super food for the future. It contains large amounts of mucilage which is the most important active ingredient, giving it emollient, anti-inflammatory and laxative properties. The typical tangy flavor and gum producing ability of purslane could make it an important ingredient for food industry. However, presence of high oxalate content in purslane poses certain health risks and needs to be addressed by the research community through suitable approaches. Although much of the emphasis has been put on the phytochemistry and pharmacology of the purslane till date but studies on culinary aspects of purslane are still lacking. Utilization of purslane as functional food ingredients might help us to conserve this potential plant as well as encourage sustainable agriculture. Hence the present review provides the insights about the various aspects of purslane as a food and an ingredient of food industry for its full exploration by the research community.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Vigya Mishra, Vishal Chugh, SV Dwivedi, KD Sharma. Food and nutraceuticals value of purslane (Portulaca Oleracea L.): An overview. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(7):419-424.

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