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Vol. 9, Issue 7 (2020)

Biofertilizer and their role in sustainable agriculture-A review

MR Wahane, NA Meshram, SS More and NH Khobragade
Biofertilizers consist mainly of beneficial microorganisms that can be released nutrients from raw materials and plant residues in the soil and make them available commercially where specific strains are used as biological fertilizers. Bio-fertilizer contains micro-organisms which promotes the adequate supply of nutrients to the host plants and ensure their proper development of growth and regulation in their physiology. Living microorganisms are used in the preparation of biofertilizers. Only those microorganisms are used which have specific functions to enhance plant growth and reproduction. There are different types of microorganisms which are used in the bio-fertilizers. Bio-fertilizers offer great potential for not only improving soil fertility but also provide for efficient use of various resources for increasing crop production on sustainable basis. They helps in maintaining long term soil fertility and sustainability by fixing atmospheric N2, mobilizing fixed macro and micro nutrients or convert insoluble P in the soil into forms available to plants, there by increases their efficiency and availability. Nowadays, the liquid biofertilizers are showing a very good response in various crops which overcomes the previous restrictions of the application of biofertilizer. While dealing with biofertilizers there are some species of micro-organism which are using for enhancing the use efficiency of the micronutrient and along with that the decomposer of the organic residue. After all, we are in the need of cost effective option and responsive one which can reduce the degradation of soil by chemical application and we can say them as an eco-friendly input material for the sustainable agriculture.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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MR Wahane, NA Meshram, SS More, NH Khobragade. Biofertilizer and their role in sustainable agriculture-A review. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(7):127-130.

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