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Vol. 9, Issue 6 (2020)

Analysis of major causes and rate of mortality at different stages in layer birds of Uttar Pradesh state

Maina Kumari, MP Sagar and Kamlesh Kumar Dhawal
The study was conducted to analyse the major causes and rate of mortality in different stages of life cycle of layer birds in Uttar Pradesh state. A total of 30 trainees and 54 non-trainees were selected from same 5 agro-climatic zones of the state. Thus, total sample size was 84 only. Data were collected through structured mailed questionnaire. In the present study, mortality according to season and stages of the birds was measured and expressed in terms of frequency and percentage. Data analysis shows that the mortality occurs at the brooding stage (up to 1 week), were 1.96 per cent and 2.20 per cent for trainee and non-trainee layer farmers, respectively and major causes were stress and heat stroke. Mortality rate at laying stage (20-82 week) were 2.33 and 2.67 per cent for trainees and non-trainees respectively and main causes were egg bound condition, egg peritonitis, oviduct prolapse, fatty liver disease etc. Majority of the trainee (70.00%) and non-trainee layer farmers (53.70%) were reported low (4.5-7.5%) and medium (7.52-10.5%) level of mortality, respectively. It shows that there was low level of mortality in trainees’ layer farm compared to non-trainee layer farm. It might be due to their good managemental practice, proper vaccination schedule, maintaining hygiene in farm, providing balanced feed, proper supervision of farm timely treatment of diseased birds.
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Maina Kumari, MP Sagar, Kamlesh Kumar Dhawal. Analysis of major causes and rate of mortality at different stages in layer birds of Uttar Pradesh state. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(6):528-531.
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