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Vol. 9, Issue 4 (2020)

Treatment of cutaneous papillomatosis in a heifer: A case report

Dr. G Suganya and Dr. G Saranya
A crossbred heifer calf around one year was presented to Veterinary Dispensary, Somasipadi in Tiruvannamalai district with the complaint of finger like projections over the skin surface in the medial aspect of hindlimb for past one week and the animal was not undergone any treatment before. The cow suspected with papillomatosis was treated with anthiomaline (lithium antimony thiomalate) at the dose rate of 7 ml deep intramuscularly on alternate days. We observed that the Anthiomaline injection was found to be effective in this case as no recurrence was observed during follow up of the same animal. It may be concluded that anthiomaline can be effectively used for treating cases of papilloma in case of bovines.
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Dr. G Suganya, Dr. G Saranya. Treatment of cutaneous papillomatosis in a heifer: A case report. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(4):295-296.

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