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Vol. 9, Issue 4 (2020)

Underutilized cucurbits: Neglected vegetables with therapeutic potential

Karthika B and Pushpa Bharati
Investigation on physical characters and glycemic response of fresh and dehydrated underutilized cucurbits was carried out to evaluate the therapeutic value of in both fresh and dehydrated form. Fresh vegetables (Karachikai, bitter gourd and spine gourd) were analyzed for the physical characteristics and dietary fiber. The glycemic index (GI) of the vegetables in the fresh whole and powder form seasoned like bhaji as an accompaniment with chapathi was assessed in non-diabetic volunteers. The study revealed length, breadth and mean diameter of spinegourd and bittergourd (5.90:15.74, 2.70:3.20 and 9.36:9.23, respectively) and the weight and volume of the fruit respectively was 1.58:35.60 g and 4.60:43.00 ml. Karchikai had high GI in both powder and bhaji (72.41 and 74.03 respectively) compared to bittergourd (53.40 and 56.68) and spinegourd (54.82 and 42.44 respectively). Spinegourd (Adavi hagal) in the form of bhaji having low GI and a high soluble fiber may be of value in planning diabetic diets.
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Karthika B, Pushpa Bharati. Underutilized cucurbits: Neglected vegetables with therapeutic potential. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(4):258-261.
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