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Vol. 9, Issue 4 (2020)

Planning lay out and utilization of housing in specialized dairy farms in two Agro climatic regions of Gujarat

DN Gadhvi, LM Sorathiya, AP Raval and GM Pandya
A study was carried out to compare the housing lay out and utilization practices in specialized dairy farm in north and south Gujarat agro-climatic region. The data was collected from 10 dairy specialized farms of north Gujarat region (NG farms) and 10 specialized dairy farms from south Gujarat (SG farms) selected based on possession of more than 40 dairy animals, through personal interview and observation. The data were analyzed by using chi square test and nonparametric Mann Whitney U test in SPSS. It revealed that majority (80%) of the dairy farms were provided Semi-intensive house. More (55%) dairy farms were used lower RCC with upper iron type of pillars to erect the shed. Majority of the farms (70%) had RCC floor in their animal shed while, 30 percent had RCC floors along with earthen floor. Data revealed that majority (65%) of farms had monitor shed followed by gable (35%). Majority farms have used galvanium sheet as roofing material. Majority of dairy farms owners (90%) have adopted advanced water bowl fitting in livestock shed. All farms had drainage facility; however, only 15 percent of them were closed type of drainage. Sixty percent of dairy farms owners were possessed manure pit. As far as quality of concrete floor concern, majority (75%) of farms had even surface, grooved surface with an optimum slope (1:40-60). Mean of manger height was 0.68±0.02 m which was more than standard (0.50 m). Mean width and depth of manger was 0.58±0.01 and 30.87±0.61 m which was near to BIS. In study are 2 NG and 3 SG farms were using feed bunk (feed table) system instead of feeding manger. Mean space provided under roof and open area per adult unit was 5.18±0.10 and 10.49±0.44 square meter (SM) in NG farms, respectively. While in SG farms it was 4.24±0.24 and 10.90±0.91 SM, respectively. Mean length of shed, width of standing area, width of alley and roof height were 44.56±3.31, 8.67±0.37, 1.41±0.05 and 4.49±0.12, respectively and all were nonsignificant between two regions.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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DN Gadhvi, LM Sorathiya, AP Raval, GM Pandya. Planning lay out and utilization of housing in specialized dairy farms in two Agro climatic regions of Gujarat. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(4):75-79.

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