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Vol. 9, Issue 3 (2020)

Evaluation of early risk factors in development of metabolic syndrome in healthy persons

Poberezhna Natalia Mykhailivna
The purpose of the study is to identify in healthy people indicators of anthropometric status and biochemical picture of blood, which can serve as risk factors for development and lead to further development of metabolic syndrome. A total of 79 men, completely healthy, were interviewed during 2019 at the Center of Health and Longevity Technology (Kyiv) to assess their health and further correction recommendations for identified abnormalities and available changes. The mean age of men was (37.2 ± 0.9) years. Among the surveyed men with signs of anthropometric profile impairment, 10 people were found to be overweight (50.0%), first degree obesity - one person (10.0%), second degree - 2 people (10.0%), middle age which was 35.3 years. The components of the metabolic syndrome were observed in 4 people (20%) (increased body mass index, increased blood pressure, increased triglyceride content, decreased high density lipoprotein cholesterol). Biochemical indicators of protein and carbohydrate metabolism revealed no deviation from the values of the reference limits of the norm. The greatest deviations of indicators of the functional state of the endocrine system occurred in the direction of the increase of the level of cortisol: in persons with obesity of the first degree - up to (387,6 ± 12,2) nmol / l, slightly less in persons with overweight - up to (310,2 ± 13,4) nmol / l, the lowest content of which was found in persons with II degree of obesity - (166,5 ± 8,7) nmol / l. The content of C-reactive protein showed signs of chronic mild inflammation - increased production of C-reactive protein in the liver: its content in the serum of individuals with overweight and obesity I and II degrees in 16 cases was increased from 5.46 to 17.3 mg/l.
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Poberezhna Natalia Mykhailivna. Evaluation of early risk factors in development of metabolic syndrome in healthy persons. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(3):595-599.

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