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Vol. 9, Issue 3 (2020)

Pharmacokinetics of sulphadimidine in Indian cattle calves

Hemant Kumar Pandey, Kannan Kandasamy and Abul Hassan Ahmad
Sulphadimidine is commonly used in field condition to treat enteritis of bacterial origin in veterinary clinical practice. The ultimate success of any therapy depends upon the attainment of effective drug concentration in vivo which requires the selection of appropriate dosage for the drug. Pharmacokinetic studies provide the data necessary for calculating the dose and dosage regimen. In view of this, a pharmacokinetic study of sulphadimidine in cattle calves following i.v was undertaken to study the disposition kinetics. The concentration of sulphadimidine in plasma of cattle calves was analysed by High Performance Liquid Chromatography. A dose of 100 was used for i.v. Studies. The initial mean plasma concentration of 338.17µ sulphadimidine was found in plasma of male cattle calves, which declined to the minimum concentration of 0.21 µ (72 h), in these animals. The t1/2 β, Vd(area), ClB and AUC of sulphadimidine in male cattle calves were observed to be 10.43±0.53h, 0.68±0.02, 43.94±0.71, 2301.66±53.43 µg.mL-1.h-1. On the basis of present pharmacokinetic study, the i.v. dosage regimen of 80 was calculated as priming dose and 45 as maintenance dose for cattle calves at dosing intervals of 12h.
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Hemant Kumar Pandey, Kannan Kandasamy, Abul Hassan Ahmad. Pharmacokinetics of sulphadimidine in Indian cattle calves. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(3):535-538.

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