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Vol. 9, Issue 3 (2020)

A novel in-situ gel approach for sustained release of eplerenone

Swarupa Arvapalli, B Kiranmayi, V Sushma, J Divya and Ch. Krishnaveni
The present study was an attempt to formulate and evaluate floating in-situ gel of Eplerenone by using various polymers like Xanthan gum, Guar gum and Karaya gum which undergoes pH dependent sol-gel transition at gastric pH, there by prolonging the retention of the system in stomach. Sodium alginate a natural polymer was employed as a gelling agent where gelation is triggered by the source of calcium ions in the form of calcium carbonate. Drug and polymers was subjected for compatibility study using FTIR studies, which revealed that there was no interaction between drug and polymers. The evaluation was carried out for in vitro parameters such as gelling nature, Total floating time, drug content, viscosity, & in vitro dissolution studies. Among all the formulations, F6 formulation containing guar gumwas chosen as optimized formulation which shows maximum drug release by the end of 12hrs and has excellent floating characteristics and gastric retention. From kinetic studies the optimized formulation shows zero order release with super case II transport mechanism.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Swarupa Arvapalli, B Kiranmayi, V Sushma, J Divya, Ch. Krishnaveni. A novel in-situ gel approach for sustained release of eplerenone. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(3):527-534. DOI: 10.22271/tpi.2020.v9.i3j.4524

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