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Vol. 9, Issue 3 (2020)

Gelling behavior of different grades of chitosan: comparative study

Shital R Nikhar and Deepali A Bansode
Chitosan is versatile excipient, aid for controlled release and bioadhesive polymer, depending on the route of delivery. It is also use as an absorption enhancer promoting drug uptake across the mucosal barrier. Chitosan are widely used as gelling agent in in situ gel preparation. There are various grades of chitosan are available in the market. But all the grades are not suitable for the formulation of the in situ gel formulation. Some of the grades are showing good viscosity, some having good mucoadhesive properties. This experiment gives idea about the gelling properties and mucoadhesive properties of the different grades of chitosan. The different grades of chitosan which are used for the study are viz. High density chitosan, Low density chitosan, Chitosan from shrimp shell, Chitosan deacetylated (75%), Chitosan deacetylated (90%). The low density chitosan found to be good gelling agent for the formulation of in situ gel formulations. It having good viscosity and mucoadhesive property. In conclusion we can said that low density chitosan can serve as a good polymer for the formulation of in situ gel preparation.
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Shital R Nikhar, Deepali A Bansode. Gelling behavior of different grades of chitosan: comparative study. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(3):431-435.
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