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Vol. 9, Issue 3 (2020)

Medications for asthma management

Rishi Raj and Mrinalini Kumari
Asthma is common lung condition that causes sporadic breathing difficulties due to swelling and narrowing of the tubes that carry air to and from the lungs. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 23.5 crore people currently suffer from asthma and India has the largest number of asthma deaths in the world, contributing to 22.3% of all global asthma deaths. Despite the pathophysiology of asthma is better understood and there are reliable diagnostic tools and medications for its control, still it remains poorly managed in the clinical practice across the globe. This chronic inflammatory disorder cannot be cured, but proper diagnosis, treatment, careful observation, patient education regarding asthma and regular medical check up can be fruitful for its management and control. In regard to management, medications play a very important role to reduce the severity of this disease. Since, education for the management of asthma is an essential strategy, therefore, this article provides a review of current literature exploring the medications utilized to treat and manage the chronic asthma.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Rishi Raj, Mrinalini Kumari. Medications for asthma management. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(3):26-29.

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