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Vol. 9, Issue 2 (2020)

Hydrallantois with concurrent schistosomiasis and amphistomiasis in a crossbred cow: a case report

Niyas E, Prasanth CR, Deepak Joshi, Amritha Aravind and Reshma S
Hydrallantois is one of the gestational disorders in which sudden increase in allantoic fluid occurs in allantoic cavity due to foetal membrane pathology leading to bilateral distension of abdomen. A four year old cross-bred cow was presented to TVCC, Mannuthy with overdistented abdomen, foetid diarrhoea with blood, dyspnoea, dyspepsia and inappetance. Animal was six months pregnant. Clinical examination revealed a subnormal temperature (98.5 °F), lymphadenopathy, congested mucous membrane and sunken eyes. Peripheral blood smear examination was negative for haemoparasites. Faecal sample examination exposed heavy infestation of Schistosoma spindaleand Amphistome ova. Per rectal examination revealed highly distended uterus, the foetus was failed to ballote inspite fremitus was evident on left middle uterine artery. Intravenous injection of calcium borogluconate was given @ 1.5 ml/Kg BW supported with fluids (Dextrose normal saline and ringer’s lactate). Strict intravenous injection of tartar emetic was administered @ 1mg/kg BW as 1% solution with normal saline on alternate days for an overall three occasions. Oxyclosanide was also given @ 10 mg/Kg BW orally on alternate days for two times supported with oral haematinics. Based on poor health status, respiratory distress and overdistented abdomen, it was decided to terminate pregnancy with intramuscular injection of dexamethasone (25mg) and PGF2α (500 mcg). After 24 hrs of induction two finger dilatation of cervix was noticed followed by escape of copious quantity of light yellow coloured fluid. Foetus was presented in the pelvic brim with posterior presentation after 36 Hrs of induction and a large quantity of fluid was further drained out. On per vaginal examination, foetal anasarca was noticed which was relieved by manual traction with ample lubrication. Fluid therapy at continuous rate and dexamethasone was given as follow up therapy. Intramuscular injection of ceftiofur sodium @ 2.2 mg/Kg BW was given for three days.
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Niyas E, Prasanth CR, Deepak Joshi, Amritha Aravind, Reshma S. Hydrallantois with concurrent schistosomiasis and amphistomiasis in a crossbred cow: a case report. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(2):293-296.

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