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Vol. 9, Issue 2 (2020)

Prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in buffaloes of Karnal, district, India

Hardeep Kalkal, Sukhdeep Vhora and Snehil Gupta
The present study was carried out to determine the prevalence of gastrointestinal (GI) parasites in buffaloes of Karnal district, Haryana. Total of 400 faecal samples was collected from four blocks Karnal, Gharaunda, Indri and Nilokheri, over one year (January to December 2017). Faecal samples were examined using floatation and sedimentation techniques. The correlation of age and sex of the host with the prevalence of GI nematodes was determined using IBM SPSS software (version 20). Result revealed 305 (76.25%) samples positive were infected with one or more species of GI parasites. In positive cases, Eimeria spp. (38.25%) was the most prevalent followed by Paramphistome spp. (33.25%), strongyles spp. (29%), Trichuris spp. (7.75%), Moniezia spp. (5%) and Fasciola spp. (2.25%). Age-wise prevalence of Eimeria spp. (21.75%) was found higher in animals below six months of age. However, higher (p<0.01) prevalence of Paramphistome and strongyles spp. was recorded in animals above 6 months. Sex wise prevalence of Eimeria spp. (26%) and Moniezia spp. (2.75%) was found higher (p<0.01) in females as compared to males. Paramphistome, Strongyles, Trichuris and Fasciola spp. were also recoded higher in female due to the higher number of female samples. Result of the present investigation indicated a higher prevalence of GI parasites in eastern Haryana.
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Hardeep Kalkal, Sukhdeep Vhora, Snehil Gupta. Prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in buffaloes of Karnal, district, India. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(2):59-61.

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