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Vol. 9, Issue 12 (2020)

Changes in physicochemical properties of yogurt enriched with encapsulated carrot coagulum powder during storage

Snehal Giri and Dr. Neena Joshi
Yogurt was prepared with the incorporation of 2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10% encapsulated carrot coagulum powder (ECCP). Yogurts with and without addition of ECCP were subjected to sensory evaluation; 5 % incorporation of ECCP was most preferred as compared to other variations with significantly higher colour and overall acceptability scores. Therefore, yogurt with 5% ECCP incorporation was selected for the storage study. Storage was in refrigerated condition (5°C) for 20 days. Yogurt without ECCP incorporation served as control. Physicochemical and microbiological characteristics were determined to assess the quality of both the yogurt samples during storage. During the storage, pH was significantly decreased whereas titratable acidity was significantly increased. Water holding capacity and total solids were decreased significantly during storage in case of control, whereas the decrease was not significant in ECCP incorporated yogurt. Total carotenoid content on the initial day in yogurt incorporated with ECCP was 0.83 mg/100g which significantly decreased to 0.56 mg/100g at end of storage period. The total lactic acid bacterial counts of yogurt were 99.83 CFU/ml and 97.33 CFU/ml in control and ECCP added yogurt on the first day. Further with the increase in storage time, it significantly decreased to 97.16 CFU/ml and 94.5 CFU/ml respectively. Initially, yeast and mould were absent, some increase was observed as storage period increased. No coliforms were detected throughout the refrigerated storage. The results of present study confirms that, incorporation of ECCP in yogurt significantly improved the sensorial acceptability without affecting its physicochemical properties when compared to control yogurt during storage. ECCP incorporated yogurt did not exhibit a greater loss in the viability of lactic acid bacteria compared to plain yogurt during the storage period.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Snehal Giri, Dr. Neena Joshi. Changes in physicochemical properties of yogurt enriched with encapsulated carrot coagulum powder during storage. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(12):150-157.

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