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Vol. 9, Issue 12 (2020)

Effect of tyndallisation process on microbial quality and shelf life of Gulabjamun

S Banupriya, G Kumaresan and C Kathirvelan
A study has been carried out to enhance the shelf life of Gulabjamun by tyndallization. Gulabjamun were prepared under aseptic conditions in the laboratory as per standard procedure. All the samples of gulabjamun were packed in 16 glass containers. Eight samples were tyndallized and others were kept as control. Standard Plate Count, Coliform Count and Yeast and Mould Count analysis were carried out in tyndallized and control gulabjamun. Sensory evaluation on a nine point Hedonic Scale was done for treated and untreated products stored at ambient condition (30 ˚C) at 0 day, 7th, 21st, 28th and till they were acceptable based on organoleptic test and consumer acceptance. It was observed that the shelf life of gulabjamun was extended by 28 days and beyond at room temperature. The different microbial count also within the permissible limit in tyndallized product than control. It has been concluded that of tyndallization process in gulabjamun is suggested to enhance the shelf life of the product up to 28 days in room temperature.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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S Banupriya, G Kumaresan, C Kathirvelan. Effect of tyndallisation process on microbial quality and shelf life of Gulabjamun. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(12):30-32.

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