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Vol. 9, Issue 12 (2020)

Studies on turmeric powder (Curcuma Longa L.) added ghee

SS Ambhore, PV Padghan, BM Thombre and KS Jamadar
In the present investigation an attempt was tried to prepare the buffalo milk ghee by using turmeric powder (Curcuma longa L.). The ghee preparation process was standardized by adding turmeric powder at different stages and screening the different combinations of turmeric powder with buffalo milk. The developed ghee was subjected to sensory parameters. The average score for colour and appearance in all three stages was ranged 6.30 to 8.68. Its ranged in 1st stage 7.17 to 8.68, 2nd stage 6.68 to 8.68 and 3rd stage 6.42 to 8.68 found decreasing order due to the changed in colour in developed ghee. Statistically the colour and appearance score for all the treatments were differ significantly with each other. The maximum score was found in T1 where as minimum score was recorded in TB4. TM2 treatment in 1st, TD2 in 2nd stage and TB2 in 3rd stage is better indicate that 0.5 per cent powder was better for ghee preparation than than other combination it may be due to that increased yellow colour and appearance of ghee in other treatments. There was a decreasing trend in the flavour score, The average score for flavour in all three stages was ranged between 6.18 to 8.81. Its range in 1st stage 6.75 to 8.81, in 2nd stage 6.62 to 8.81 and in 3rd stage 6.18 to 8.81. The average score for body and texture in all three stages was ranged between 6.92 to 8.81. It ranged 7.56 to 8.81 in 1st stage, 6.92 to 8.25 in 2nd stage and 7.40 to 8.00 in 3rd stage. Overall average score for the finished product including control ranged in between 6.50 and 8.75 i.e. for TB4 to T1 in all three stages treatment combinations. The mean scores of overall acceptability showed a decreasing trend with increase in level of turmeric powder.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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SS Ambhore, PV Padghan, BM Thombre, KS Jamadar. Studies on turmeric powder (Curcuma Longa L.) added ghee. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(12):09-14.

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