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Vol. 9, Issue 12 (2020)

Assessment of mental health of destitute and normal women

Shruthi L and Sunanda Itagi
The study was conducted to assess mental health and to know the difference between the mental health of destitute and normal women. The respondents of 130 women (30 non-institutional, 40 institutional and 60 normal) were selected from destitute homes and rural areas of Dharwad with age ranging from 18-45 years. Mental health questionnaire constructed by Sharma was used to assess the mental health. It was noted that 63-68 per cent of destitute women had poor mental health whereas 17.50 and 23.30 per cent of institutional and non-institutional destitute women respectively indicated moderate mental health category. It was reported that only 13 - 15.00 per cent of destitute women possessed good mental health status. But in normal women, more than half of them (53.40 %) had good mental health status followed by moderate (31.70%) and only 15 per cent of them had poor mental health status. There was a significant association between the levels of mental health of non-institutional, institutional and normal women. The institutional women (68.00%) and non-institutional women (63.00%) indicated mental health status as compared 15 per cent of normal women. There was a significant difference was observed between the mental health of destitute and normal women. SES and occupation found to be significant predictors to mental health status. Individual and familial factors such as age, education, occupation, marital status, type of family etc contributed up to 47 and 29 per cent of variance to mental health of non-institutional and institutional women respectively.
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Shruthi L, Sunanda Itagi. Assessment of mental health of destitute and normal women. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(12):01-04.

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