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Vol. 9, Issue 11 (2020)

Indigenous technical knowledge documentation for sustainable use in Rainfed agriculture

Manju Yadav and Reema Devi
Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) is the accumulated skill and technology of a community that has been passed on from one generation to another generation. These traditional techniques are still having great relevance in agriculture. Due to uneven distribution of rainfall in time and space and low input levels, the productivity of rainfed agriculture has been very low which needs to be enhanced considerably for long term agricultural sustainability. This objective can be accomplished by resorting to various water conservation techniques particularly traditional practices based on ITK. Some of the ITKs for water in rainfed agriculture being practiced by farmers in India, are badi cropping- most of the indigenous and drought resistant varieties of fruits and vegetables are used which are compatible with socio-economic conditions, incorporation of organic residues- adding the ash of leaves and branches of shrub in the soil, aids the water holding capacity and the smoothness of soil, making entire field into smaller plots- it helps in moisture conservation of soil by utilizing maximum irrigation water efficiently in undulated lands, summer ploughing- this practice enhances water holding capacity of soil by virtue of keeping it in fine tilth which helps in improving moisture level of the soil and increases the possibilities to improve the productivity of rainfed crop sowing red gram with rice- the seed of red gram is sown on the bunds of paddy field to arrest soil erosion and accrue additional income, many such indigenous technologies are available locally which need to be documented systematically for widespread application. It is also important to create awareness and popularize the ITKs among farmers in large scale for economic productivity and long term sustainability.
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Manju Yadav, Reema Devi. Indigenous technical knowledge documentation for sustainable use in Rainfed agriculture. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(11):411-414.

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