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Vol. 9, Issue 11 (2020)

Rising trends of fast food among adolescent and teenaged school and college going girls

Dr. Nilika Chandra
Consumption of fast foods has become almost a global phenomenon, as more and more people are lured by it day in and day out irrespective of demographic traits. But to know how students are attracted by fast foods has assumed importance in recent times. So the research subject of the study was to find out the “Rising Trends of Fast Food among Adolescent and Teenaged School and College Going Girls”. For the collection of data a representative sample of 56 urban adolescent students were randomly selected in the target area. A structured questionnaire was administered and interviews were carried out on the students in different schools and colleges of the Ranchi city to gather the data related to the subject. Study showed interesting results. On one hand sex and economic status were found chief variable in fast food consumption as girls are leading in former and adolescent students reading in private schools are up in the latter. On the other hand, flavor, variety, brand, fast service and availability were found main driving force in fast food intake. Also exposure to advertisements, media influence and urbanization were found chief factors in fast food intake.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Dr. Nilika Chandra. Rising trends of fast food among adolescent and teenaged school and college going girls. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(11):310-313.

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