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Vol. 9, Issue 11 (2020)

Heterosis studies for yield and yield traits in Brinjal

AB Bagade, JD Deshmukh and SV Kalyankar
Diallel method of analysis was followed involving eight parents IBH-2, Utkal Keshari, IBH-3, SBJH-631, Sep-034, Sep-034, A. Nerkanth and BH-2 to study of heterosis for yield characters. The F1 were evaluated during late kharif /rabi 2018-19 for the present study in randomized block design for two replications. Significant and positive heterosis was observed for most of the characters. The percentage of heterotic crosses showing heterosis over better parent were total number of fruits/plant (52.73), total yield of fruits per plant (71.06), fruit length (8.29), fruit weight (85.60), fruit diameter (43.27), fruit cluster per plant (3.77), plant height (27.45), days to 50% flowering (-19.72), High heterosis was observed in the cross 4 x 5 (SBJH-631 x Sep-034) for total yield of fruits per plant (kg/plant).
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AB Bagade, JD Deshmukh, SV Kalyankar. Heterosis studies for yield and yield traits in Brinjal. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(11):205-208.

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