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Vol. 9, Issue 10 (2020)

Evaluation of growth, yield and quality attributes of different okra genotypes under Nagaland condition

N Walling, SP Kanaujia, K Usou and A Ananda
Field experiments on “Evaluation of growth, yield and quality attributes of 28 okra genotypes” were conducted during 2013 and 2014 at the Experimental Farm, Department of Horticulture, School of Agricultural Sciences and Rural Development, Medziphema Campus, Nagaland University to evaluate the performance of various genotypes of okra under foothill condition of Nagaland. Twenty eight genotypes of okra were evaluated in RBD design with three replications. Results revealed that all the genotypes exhibited significant variation in their performance in terms of growth, yield and quality attributes. Among the genotypes, IIVRO-SKY/DR/RS-66 recorded maximum plant height (176.23 cm) and IIVRO-SKY/DR/RS-107 recorded maximum number of branches plant-1 (2.45). Maximum number of leaves (44.06), size of leaf (680.17 cm2), cumulative leaf area (3.00 m2) and leaf area index (22.25) were recorded in genotype IIVRO-608-8-1 while genotype IIVRO-770 exhibited least number of days to first flowering (42.52 days), number of nodes for first flower (4.95), number of days for fruit setting (43.55 days) and maturity period (50.95 days). Genotype IIVRO-770 also exhibited maximum duration of flowering (62.48 days) and number of ridges fruit-1 (7.13) whereas genotype IC-117319 recorded earliest period from fruit set to harvest (5.35 days). The findings also indicate that genotype IIVRO-608-8-1 recorded maximum result in yield attributes such as number of fruits (18.42), weight of fruits (25.95 g), number of seeds fruit-1 (54.09), yield plant-1 (477.66 g), and pod yield hectare-1 (17.39 t). For quality attributes, it was observed that maximum protein content (4.89%) was observed in genotype IC-218844, maximum vitamin-C (22.30 mg 100g-1 of fruit) in Arka Anamika. Genotype IIVRO-599-8-1 was found to be highly resistant to blister beetle infestation whereas genotype IIVRO-307-10-1 II showed high resistance to yellow vein mosaic virus.
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N Walling, SP Kanaujia, K Usou, A Ananda. Evaluation of growth, yield and quality attributes of different okra genotypes under Nagaland condition. Pharma Innovation 2020;9(10):404-409.

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