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Vol. 8, Issue 9 (2019)

Therapeutic efficacy of quinapyramine compounds in T. evansi affected cattle

Abhishek Hota, SK Maiti and RC Ghosh
A total of ten (10) crossbred cattle suffering from clinical trypanosomiasis were confirmed by microscopic examination and treated with Quinapyramine compound of Sulphate and Chloride @ 4.4 mg/kg.b.wt, S/C, single dose along with supportive therapy. To assess the therapeutic efficacy of Quinapyramine compounds, blood and serum samples were collected on day 0 (pre-treatment), 3, 7 and 14 (post-treatment) for parasitological, haematological and biochemical examinations respectively. Affected cattle were recorded with haematological alterations (pre-treatment) viz. reduced Hb (7.94 g/dl ± 0.186), PCV (24.23% ± 0.567) and TEC (4.06 ×106/µL ± 0.097) value, Leucopenia accompanied by Lymphocytopenia, Eosinophilia, Neutrophilia, Monocytosis and Thrombocytopenia. Similarly alterations in serum biochemical value (0 day pre treatment) of the affected animals were significantly decreased Glucose (33.97 mg/dl ±0.86), Total Protein (5.35 g/dl ± 0.052), Albumin (1.9 g/dl ± 0.053), Globulin (3.45 g/dl ± 0.083), A/G ratio (0.56 ± 0.027) and increased BUN (15.91 mg/dl ± 0.226), Creatinine (0.8 mg/dl ± 0.01 IU/L), ALT (34 ± 0.212 IU/L) and AST (122.89 ± 1.04). A gradual disappearance of clinical signs with no parasitemia microscopically was observed on 3rd day post treatment among all the affected cattle, along with a gradual restoration in the altered haemato-biochemical values on different post-treatment observation periods. Hence, it was inferred that anaemia and hypoglycaemia are two important pathological effects of trypanosomiasis affected cattle and Quinapyramine compound of Sulphate and Chloride was found to be effective against T. evansi infection in cattle.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Abhishek Hota, SK Maiti, RC Ghosh. Therapeutic efficacy of quinapyramine compounds in <em>T. evansi</em> affected cattle. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(9):467-471.

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