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Vol. 8, Issue 9 (2019)

Preliminary phytochemical screening and TLC fingerprinting profile of Physalis angulata

Rajani Srivastava and Pradip Kumar Yadav
Background: Physalis angulata linn. belonging to family Solanaceae, is wastelands herbal plant, native to north America and south America, widely distributed in India and Nepal. The aim of the present study is to perform macroscopy, microscopy, preliminary phytochemical screening and TLC fingerprinting profile of whole plant of Physalis angulata.
Materials and Methods: All the preliminary phytochemical studies, Macroscopy, Microscopy, TLC fingerprinting of P. angulata has been performed as per WHO guidelines for herbal drug evaluation.
Results: Preliminary phytochemical screening including physicochemical parameters, macroscopy and microscopy of whole plant of P. angulata was performed and significant results observed. TLC fingerprinting profile of P. angulata was also developed and phytochemicals were evaluated qualitatively and quantitatively.
Conclusion: On the basis of macroscopy, microscopy and physicochemical evaluation, TLC fingerprinting of selected plant species P. angulata, the present study concluded that all the standardization parameters could be helpful for developing plant monograph and correct identification of plant species as well as differentiation of plant species, to any other adulterant substance or adulterant plant species.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Rajani Srivastava, Pradip Kumar Yadav. Preliminary phytochemical screening and TLC fingerprinting profile of<em> Physalis angulata</em>. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(9):295-302.

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