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Vol. 8, Issue 9 (2019)

Effect of brooding systes on growth performance in large white yorkshire piglets

Ashitha K, Balusami C, John Abraham, Senthilmurugan S and Sakkariya Ibrahim NP
Pig industry is the fastest growing industry in the food sector in spite of cultural and religious taboo. Pigs are most prolific in nature and excel in converting inedible feed into edible nutritious meat. The first 72 hrs is the most critical period for the piglets and requires artificial heat supplement during this period since thermoregulatory centre for the piglets is underdeveloped. Growth performance of the piglets in the pre-weaning period contributes to the post weaning weight gain and the economic status of the farm. Twenty four sows immediately after farrowing was taken for the study. Four groups of animals comprising of 10 piglets each from six different sows were allotted in T1(control), T2(100-watt incandescent bulb brooding) T3(100-watt infrared bulb brooding)and T4 (wood charcoal brooding) based on the completely randomised design. Brooding facilities including lighting was provided for 35 days and growth study was continued for 60 days. All groups were given a standard health management practices and fed with creep feed from 14th to 35th day and grower feed from 36th to 60 days of study period. There was a significant (p<0.01) difference in the weight of the piglets in all the treatment groups from the second week onwards till eighth week. Weaning weight was higher in T3 followed by T2 compared to T1. Average daily gain (ADG) also showed significant (p<0.01) difference. T3 followed by T2 had better ADG compared to T1.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Ashitha K, Balusami C, John Abraham, Senthilmurugan S, Sakkariya Ibrahim NP. Effect of brooding systes on growth performance in large white yorkshire piglets. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(9):195-198.

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