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Vol. 8, Issue 9 (2019)

Birth to infant care described by Ibn-e-Sina in canon of medicine

Dr. Shaista Bano, Dr. Md. Kausar Ali and Dr. Sazid Alam
Unani System of Medicine is based on the specific ideology put forward by Hippocrates. The most important principle of Unani Medicine is temperament (Mizaj) which classifies human beings, diet, drugs, etc. into four qualitative types: Hot & Dry, Hot & Wet, Cold & Wet and Cold & Dry. However, the rational, sophisticated synthesis and integration of basic science and organismal biology show Unani medicine, as described by Avicenna, as a true systems biology paradigm that also serves as a model for the practice of truly individualized medicine which is described in “The Canon of Medicine”. The conceptual framework of Unani medicine encompasses universal principles. Avicenna frequently asserts and highlights in his “Canon” that these principles are borrowed from the relatively sophisticated physical sciences of his own era. The Canon of Medicine is a comprehensive and yet concise account of medicine of his time. In the Canon of Medicine, a chapter is passionate to the infant care which dealing with treatment of the cord, treatment of the skin, binding the infant, sleeping-quarters, bathing the infant, the way to hold the infant while washing it, the regimen during lactation and weaning, inability to nurse the child, the characters of a good wet-nurse, list of galactogogues, anti-galactogogues, regimen of wet-nurse, duration of lactation, regimen up to dentition, hygiene of dentition.
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Dr. Shaista Bano, Dr. Md. Kausar Ali, Dr. Sazid Alam. Birth to infant care described by Ibn-e-Sina in canon of medicine. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(9):151-154.

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