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Vol. 8, Issue 8 (2019)

Detection of presence of cow milk in goat milk using ethanol stability

Vandhana PS and Divya MP
Ethanol stability of fresh goat milk and cow milk samples were analyzed and used as a tool to detect the adulteration of goat milk with bovine milk. Goat milk exhibited lower stability towards ethanol when compared to cow milk and hence got immediately coagulated upon addition of 70 percent ethanol whereas cow milk does not. The stability of goat milk increased with increase in the quantity of cow milk admixture with it. When an adequate quantity of cow milk is being mixed with goat milk the rate of coagulation decreased. The nature of coagulum particles formed varies which can also be used as a basis for the detection. The remarkable variations in the content of αs1 casein and salt balance form the basis for the difference in ethanol stability of milks of two species (Zadow et al., 1983) [1].
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Vandhana PS, Divya MP. Detection of presence of cow milk in goat milk using ethanol stability. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(8):328-329.

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