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Vol. 8, Issue 8 (2019)

Heat tolerance ability and its variability in different breeds of goats with respect to respiratory rate

Thakare PD, Sawarkar AR and Pawshe MD
Respiratory rate were recorded 34.063±1.80, 30.68±1.123, 28.21±0.526, 28.21±1.60, 22.62±0.906 breaths/minute respectively. The local breed exhibited lower rate of respiration (22.62±0.906) and less BCA Coefficient and high rate of respiration observed in Barbari breeds of goat (34.063±1.80). Negative correlation observed in respiration rate and pulse rate in Osmanabadi and local goat breeds. However, significant positive correlation between respiration rate and pulse rate was observed in Jamnapari (0.670) but it was positive and non-significant in Barbari and Sirohi. The relationship between relative humidity and pulse rate was found to be non-significant except local where it was recorded to be highly significant. Significantly positively high correlation was observed between respiration rate and BCA for all breeds while significantly high and negative correlation with IHTC except Sirohi breed. The correlation Co-efficient between pulse rate and environmental temperature positively non-significant in Sirohi, Osmanabadi and local and positively significant in Barbari and Jamnapari breeds of goat. The local goat breed was found to be readily adaptable in Nagpur climate and environment as shown by their lower respiration pulse rate and benezera coefficient of adaptability which was followed by Osmanabadi and sirohi. The Barbari breed from physiological view point seems to be less adaptable than other breeds with respect to Iberia heat tolerance Indices. Thus selection of goat with high tolerance to thermal stress is of primary importance as basis for the future development of goat industry in Vidarbha.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Thakare PD, Sawarkar AR, Pawshe MD. Heat tolerance ability and its variability in different breeds of goats with respect to respiratory rate. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(8):281-282.

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