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Vol. 8, Issue 8 (2019)

Gender-wise participation of Gowli’s in dairy activity

Devika Hiremath and Chhaya Badiger
The term participation in the study refers to the extent of taking part or involvement of the individual actively in the dairy activity. A survey based study was carried out to ascertain the participation of Gowli’s in dairy farming, using a pretested self- structured interview schedule by personal interview for sample size of 120 families from Haliyal taluk. The study revealed that Gowli men participation was found more in marketing activities like selling the animals (100%) and purchasing the animals (97.50%) whereas in health care management activities like breeding (100%), purchase of medicines (97.50%) and vaccination (93.33%) were dominated by men. While women involvement was found to be maximum in housing management as care of the pregnant animals (95.83%) and cleaning of the shed (93.33%). Regarding nutrition management activities like special care / nutrition for sick animals (67.50%) and storage of fodder (58.33%). Therefore the total participation indices of men was 30.09 per cent, women was 26.48 per cent and jointly was 8.17 per cent which indicates men participated more than women but their participation was observed low. So, there is need to educate these community people about scientific management practices for increasing livestock production.
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Devika Hiremath, Chhaya Badiger. Gender-wise participation of Gowli’s in dairy activity. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(8):93-96.

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