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Vol. 8, Issue 8 (2019)

Incorporation of Wheatgrass powder and juice in different food items

Mohammed Nayeem and Komal Chauhan
Diabetes is a metabolic disease, which causes high blood sugar levels in a person. A person develops diabetes when his body loses the ability to produce enough insulin or when the body is not able to absorb the insulin. When the body is not able to produce insulin at regular intervals at required rates it is called type 1 diabetes. The condition when the patient’s cells are not able to absorb and utilize the insulin for the metabolic processes is called type 2 diabetes. The long term impact of diabetes can cause kidney diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neuropathy, retinopathy etc. The existing treatment for diabetes is only allopathy medicine, which has been proven to cause harmful irreversible effects on the patients. The study aims to observe and examine the impact of incorporation of wheat grasses in various food items such as chapattis, milk, biscuits, paneer etc. The study contains detailed information regarding the anti-oxidizing impact of wheat grasses when they are mixed with different food items, which can be used to treat the oxidizing stress in Diabetic patients.
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Mohammed Nayeem, Komal Chauhan. Incorporation of Wheatgrass powder and juice in different food items. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(8):40-42.
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