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Vol. 8, Issue 8 (2019)

Development and quality assessment of fortified brittle (chikki) prepared by using sesame seed, jaggery, flaxseed, and ragi flour

Komal Yadav, Shanker Suwan Singh, Surabhi Kumari and Bhavya
India with divergent food habits is having a number of traditional foods, including sweet products. Brittle (Chikki) is one of the popular Indian traditional sweet snacks. Brittle (Chikki) is mainly prepared using jaggery as a sweetener and roasted nuts. Mostly liked by all age groups, also possesses nutritional importance in it. The aim behind making this Fortified Brittle (Chikki) was to make a combination of healthy ingredients in a consumable form and to make a healthy product at an affordable cost. In present study utilization of sesame seed, jaggery, flaxseed and Ragi flour is carried out in brittle (Chikki) to evaluate the acceptance of consumers towards T1 to T3 sample i.e. T1 (65:10:20:05), T2 (65:10:15:10) and T3 (65:10:10:15) % while the sesame and jaggery brittle T0 (100:00:00) Served as control brittle. The results obtained from the statistical analysis concluded that a noval product fortified with sesame seed, jaggery, flaxseed, and Ragi flour was successfully produced Fortified Brittle (Chikki). The physicochemical analysis, microbial analysis, sensory evaluation results showed that the treatment T1 (65:10:20:05) was found to be most favorable because of higher nutrition profile carbohydrate (73.83), protein (7.50), fat (11.70), ash (2.44), and iron (5.83) as well as it scored maximum for all sensory appeal, microbial count within permissible limit. Also, its preparation cost is low. Based on the result it was concluded that nutritious and beneficial components of ingredients which used in brittle (chikki) is a more favorable choice for food technologist to develop Fortified Brittle (Chikki) especially for anemia patients. It also useful for malnutrition patients because according to WHO (World Health Organization) malnutrition is deficiency, excess or imbalance in a person’s intake of energy and/or nutrients.
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Komal Yadav, Shanker Suwan Singh, Surabhi Kumari, Bhavya. Development and quality assessment of fortified brittle (chikki) prepared by using sesame seed, jaggery, flaxseed, and ragi flour. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(8):24-28. DOI: 10.22271/tpi.2019.v8.i8a.3881
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