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Vol. 8, Issue 7 (2019)

Nutritional quality analysis of dry moringa powder varity-PKM-1

Hradesh Rajput, SGM Prasad and Pratistha Srivastav
The chemical and phytochemical properties of dried M. oleifera (PKM-1) leaf powder. Dried moringa leaves powder was prepared using cabinet dryer at 60-70 0C for 6-8 hrs. and grind into fine powder. Proximate, mineral, phytochemical properties were carried out on the leaf samples. Dried moringa leaf powder exhibited moisture levels 72.83%, ether extract 9.53%, crude fibre 22.03%, total minerals 9.53%, crude protein 20.42%, and carbohydrates 50.16%. The predominant mineral elements in the dried moringa leaf powder were Ca, Mg, K, Fe, Cu, 20.32, 387.83, 1545.33, 26.69, 0.83 mg/100g respectably. The phytochemical properties revealed that the ascorbic acid and total phenols and Antioxidant activities of dried moringa leave 106.28, 253.00 mg/100g and 9489.80 % activity respectively. We concluded that M. oleifera samples could be employed in edible and commercial applications.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Hradesh Rajput, SGM Prasad, Pratistha Srivastav. Nutritional quality analysis of dry moringa powder varity-PKM-1. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(7):95-98.

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