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Vol. 8, Issue 7 (2019)

Bio-efficacy study on alcoholic extracts of fern plants against diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella L. in cabbage

Murasing J, Vignesh M and Gupta MK
Cabbage is an important cruciferous vegetable grown in India with an area of 4,33,870 ha. Diamond back moth is notorious pest of cabbage. Indiscriminate use of chemicals to control this pest has resulted in resurgence, resistance, replacement, impact on non-target organisms, including humans, environmental pollution. Due to this reason and the growing awareness about organic products now farmers and researchers are switching over to botanical pesticides, which overcome many problems associated with chemical insecticides especially in the vegetables. Our present study mainly focuses on efficacy of certain fern plant extracts against P. xylostella under laboratory condition. Three ferns (Diplazium esculentum, Christella parasitica and Blechnum orientale) extract has been tested on the larva of P. xylostella in the lab condition. All of these extracts showed statistically significant results over the untreated control (distil water). Increase in larval mortality with the increase in the concentrations was observed being maximum at 20% concentration. The maximum larval mortality was 36.66% after 24 hrs of treatment in case of D. esculentum which increased to 73.33% after 72 hrs which is well above the untreated control as 0.66% after 24 hrs and 13.33% after 72 hrs in the later case, indicating D. esculentum to be the most toxic to larvae of P. xylostella. The efficacy of D. esculentum altered the feeding behavior of P. xylostella, reduced the larval and pupal weight, prolonged the pupation period, malformed the pupa and adult were recorded under in vitro condition which will be briefly discussed in this paper.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Murasing J, Vignesh M, Gupta MK. Bio-efficacy study on alcoholic extracts of fern plants against diamondback moth, <em>Plutella xylostella</em> L. in cabbage. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(7):05-07.

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