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Vol. 8, Issue 6 (2019)

A review on Yakuti: A unique formulation

Gazala Hussain and Vinaykumar R Kadibagil
Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana is the branch in ayurveda that deals with Ayurveda pharmaceutics. Formulations are prepared with drugs that are metals, minerals, gemstones, etc. in combination with other herbs or otherwise. These drugs are subjected to different processes like shodhana (purification), marana (incineration), etc. before using it for internal administration. Many formulations are mentioned in various texts of rasashastra where a combination of these bhasma, are mixed with other herbs and made into different dosage forms like pills, etc. Yakuti comes under the category of preparations termed as khalviya yoga that is indicated in ailments of the heart, fever, nerve weakness, etc. It is a formulation that has a combination of a sindura kalpa- makaradhwaja, pishti of ratnas, a few herbal drugs and bhavana is given with gulab arka.
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Gazala Hussain, Vinaykumar R Kadibagil. A review on Yakuti: A unique formulation. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(6):1238-1240.

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