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Vol. 8, Issue 6 (2019)

Study of physico: Chemical characteristics of ground water samples at Yamuna region, Allahabad, U.P

Sheetal Sebastian, Prashant Anthony, Amit Chattrree and Satyendra Nath
Water forms the most important component of existence. A dearth in its availability leads to a threat to life in totality. Human beings, animals, plants and all other forms of life require water for survival. Safe drinking water both in quality and quantity is the need of the hour. The presence of any foreign substance which has the potential to alter the physical, chemical or biological properties of water which can cause health hazards is considered as water pollution. Present research makes a sincere effort to analyze the physico-chemical characteristics of water samples from different sites of Allahabad in the Yamuna region where the dependency is mainly on groundwater. The water quality parameters like pH, TDS, EC, DO, BOD, Turbidity, Total hardness, Total alkalinity, and chloride were studied. From the study it was observed that most water samples were within the range of permissible limits as required by BIS specifications but some areas of Yamuna region water quality is deteriorated. The results showed that the physico chemical characteristics of water changed slightly during the summer months. The values of pH, TDS, EC during summer months of 2015 lie within the permissible limits. The values of total hardness indicate that there is a slightly higher degree of mineral content in Allahabad Yamuna region. The levels of total alkalinity in the region are higher than the desirable limits. The mean values range from 215.75 to 385 mg/l which is above the desirable limits but within the permissible limit of 600mg/l. The chloride content is found to range from 128.75 to 186 mg/l, which is within the prescribed limits of BIS in stations Y1, Y2 and Y5 but sampling sites Y3 and Y4 observed values in higher ranges which shows that there is seepage of sewage and untreated water into the lower layer of the soil. The present study conducted a parametric correlation on the observed data. Large data sets were used for the analysis. Statistical tools of SPSS version 17.0 was used for the analysis. A parametric correlation for summer season in the Yamuna region showed a strong positive correlation between EC and pH, EC and TDS, DO and pH.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Sheetal Sebastian, Prashant Anthony, Amit Chattrree, Satyendra Nath. Study of physico: Chemical characteristics of ground water samples at Yamuna region, Allahabad, U.P. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(6):1128-1133.

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