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Vol. 8, Issue 6 (2019)

Ajwain a potential source of phytochemical for better health

Himani Singh and Murlidhar Meghwal
Ajwain seeds have enormous health benefits. The therapeutic, medicinal and pharmaceutical potential of ajwain seeds is attributed to its phytochemical composition and their bioavailability. The present study was therefore conducted to see the effect of various grinding conditions on the major phytochemicals of ajwain seeds. The three Ajwain varieties showed an increase in the polyphenolics, flavonoids and antioxidant activity in the cryo-ground seeds. The effect of cryo-grinding was found more in AA93 variety than in AA1 and AA2 variety. Among the two solvents i.e Methanol (80%) and Diethyl ether, Methanol proved to be better for extraction of Polyphenols and flavonoids from Ajwain. Whereas, the DPPH scavenging potential was estimated more in the diethyl ether extracts. Total phenolic content (TPC) was maximum (0.033 mg GAE /g) in the methanol extract of cryo-ground sample of AA1, and that in AA-2 and AA93 was 0.021 mg GAE /g and 0.027 mg GAE /g. Total Flavonoid content (TFC) was maximum (0.046 mg QE /g) in the methanol extract of cryo ground sample of AA93 variety, whereas in AA1 and AA2 it was 0.042 mg QE /g and 0.043 mg QE /g. The DPPH scavenging potential was highest in ether extract of cryo-ground sample of AA2 (61%) and that in AA1 and AA93 was 54% and 57% respectively. Since, phytochemicals acts as ingredients for exerting the medicinal values, the present study on the cryogenic grinding proves that cryo-ground Ajwain powder is a potential source for medicinal and health related applications.
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Himani Singh, Murlidhar Meghwal. Ajwain a potential source of phytochemical for better health. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(6):599-603.

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