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Vol. 8, Issue 6 (2019)

Effect of micronutrients on plant growth and flower yield of jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum L.) cv. double Mogra

Deo Kumar Paswan and SS Saravanan
The present experiment was carried out during September, 2018 to March, 2019 in Research Field of Department of Horticulture, SHUATS, Prayagraj. The experiment was conducted in Randomized Block Design (RBD), with twelve treatments of Micronutrients, the treatments were replicated thrice. The treatments were T0 (Control), T1 (Boron 0.2% + RDF), T2 (Boron 0.4% + RDF), T3 (Boron 0.6% + RDF), T4 (Zinc 0.2% + RDF), T5 (Zinc 0.4% + RDF), T6 (Zinc 0.6% + RDF), T7 (Iron 0.2% + RDF), T8 (Iron 0.4% + RDF), T9 (Iron 0.6% + RDF), T10 (Iron 0.2% + Zinc 0.2% + RDF) and T11 (Iron 0.2% + Zinc 0.4% + RDF). From the present investigation it is found that the treatment T11 (0.2% Iron + 0.4% Zinc + RDF) found to be best in terms of plant growth and yield parameters of Jasmine. In terms of cost benefit ratio maximum Gross Return, Net Return and Cost Benefit ratio was also found in treatment T11 followed by treatment T10 (0.2% Iron + 0.2% Zinc + RDF) where as minimum plant growth, yield and quality attributes was recorded in treatment T0 (Control) in all the parameters.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Deo Kumar Paswan, SS Saravanan. Effect of micronutrients on plant growth and flower yield of jasmine (<em>Jasminum grandiflorum</em> L.) cv. double Mogra. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(6):286-289.

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