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Vol. 8, Issue 5 (2019)

Current guidelines & treatment of Guillain-Barre’s syndrome: A review

Ankita Singh, Dr. Preeti Kothiyal, Dr. Prashant Mathur and Sunaina
Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) is one of the rarest syndrome whose treatment and understanding of the syndrome were very challenging for about past 10 years. It has been clear throughout the certain years that this syndrome differing in seriousness so that it can cause respiratory paralysis and death in its serious form. GBS is a diversified syndrome. Current epidemiological studies suggested the occurrence in between 1 and 2/100000 with somewhat more male individual affected than females. Recent epidemiological data recommend that the Varicella zoster and influenza virus may precede GBS in a remarkable fraction of cases. In the pathogenesis of GBS the progress of certain neurological signs antiganglioside antibody can function and through its binding to ganglioside antigens in peripheral nerves. First diagnostic standard for GBS was from 1978, and were revised in 1990 by Asbury and Kornbluth. GBS patient needs excellent care to prevent and manage fatal complications. This study reviewed all the guidelines & treatments of GBS and conducted that current treatment options are largely equal to those which was already in use 20 years ago in comparison with the recent advances in to the novel treatment in GBS. Hoping that some more approaches by the international GBS research community will be discovered for the goal to optimize the care for GBS patients.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Ankita Singh, Dr. Preeti Kothiyal, Dr. Prashant Mathur, Sunaina. Current guidelines & treatment of Guillain-Barre’s syndrome: A review. Pharma Innovation 2019;8(5):457-465.

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